Have you ever wondered why whenever we contemplate something, we don’t get it but when we got it, we take it for granted?

Taking things for granted is not entirely a bad practice but wouldn’t it be better if we know what stuff  we are or not allowed to take granted of? The difference is obviously opposing. If not this, then the opposite. But most of us are living our live based on our ability so why can’t our mind, based on itself, warn us first? Just like pain but maybe something a little less painful, not pleasurable either, and inform us accordingly. This is going to save us from loads of misunderstanding and perhaps a life with less regrets. O how I wish I was given that ability.

I was reminded the time when my teacher had to eviscerate the chicken to serve as our dinner right in front of us. No, we weren’t lost in the wilderness, it was just part of what the camp was all about…


Author: Kai Chong

A student, and an Entrepreneur. Kai loves exploring the Internet, trying out micro startups of his own and receiving American media. He hails from Singapore, and is an agnostic. He loves to interact over devices and dislikes waiting for responses for too long.

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