Bryce the T-Rex

Have you wondered how we will greet each other if we were to take on the form of a T-Rex? T-Rex are perhaps the only creature with two opposites together. The freakishness of a gorilla and the humorous proportion of it’s body. A T-Rex, or Tyrannosaurus Rex has skin of a crocodile and height of an average double decker bus, but their jaws and mouths are massive and they stand on two legs and has two small arms. See, all thanks to its arms…

Nature do humour.

Fantasying on some sick stuff I probably shouldn’t blog about, I am reminded of Easy A the digital film. So I’ll say, luckily for us, we are proportionate in every physical way(maybe). What we need to achieve then, is to be a more proportionately rounded person, metaphorically. Humour do teach life lessons! O, how I wish my teacher realises that and decides to…

Here’s a quick image to entertain you further…

Indeed… Evolution has


Author: Kai Chong

A student, and an Entrepreneur. Kai loves exploring the Internet, trying out micro startups of his own and receiving American media. He hails from Singapore, and is an agnostic. He loves to interact over devices and dislikes waiting for responses for too long.

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