Anniversaries Taken Granted For

Range Rover 2012, It still looks the same!

Just earlier this year I have been searching on the net to sooth my hunger for the Range Rover. Looking at it is a plausible cure but unfortunately like all antibiotics, I bound to become immune to it in time to come. Plus, given my current state, I have better avoid it being a surplus.

It seems Land Rover is trying to extort as much cash out of making its cars “limited edition” by celebration their survival of oddities through the years. It happened last year, and it has again this year. Even limited editions are prone to lose it’s opulence. Oh wait, correct me. They only celebrated years of survival in tens. Let us surface the evidence:

First Range Rover – 1970
First Series 1(Defender) – 1983
First Free Lander – 1997
First Land Rover – 1948
First Discovery – 1989

The Classic, Perfectly designed.

Judging from my quick findings, Land Rover has every one in two years to celebrate if they see fit. Personally, I think that works pretty well with their customers. But wait, then why is there a break out in this “40 Years anniversary” for the Range Rover when it first came out in 1970? It is 2012 now… Is Land Rover hanging on a dire thread of financial bankruptcy? I am not gonna waste my time pondering on this… Shall.Move.On.

Even though the quirk considering Land Rover as a honest company (unless I have gotten these all wrong, which on second thought, perhaps), I have no grudge against them. British nationals are seen and disliked by many for reasons of their arrogance which they themselves have claimed to be misinterpreted and misled by culture.

Maybe it is the way Land Rover held their brand that hit me. I’ve always respected the brand, their videos about their amazing legacy sends shivers down my spine! It sometimes even make me smile! The way they managed their reputation among their discerning customers… are effective. Anyway, quoting from an official motoring website (not Auto Car),  an insider of Land Rover told Auto Car: “Like Bentley, we concentrate on using only the finest interior materials.”. Luxury materials do look luxury too. Perhaps that’s what that made their SUV unique. Did I not mention that Porsche has done well with their SUV sales? That Lamborghini has decided to walk their way and design, while risking their exotic cars only brand, with an SUV that looks pretty cool.

Charles Spencer King,
Charles Spencer King, the chief engineer and designer of the iconic Range Rover, passed away last week, leaving us with an extraordinary vehicle that has amounted to forty years of 4×4 firsts. In 1970, it was even exhibited as a piece of superior industrial design at the Louvre. Taken from:Aids to Navigation

Oh oh! On an aside, I found this, behold:”The Range Rover was launched in 1970. In the early 1970s the Louvre museum in Paris, France exhibited a Range Rover as an “exemplary work of industrial design”.”
I’m greatly awed. Saliva’s drooling. And something’s popping..


Author: Kai Chong

A student, and an Entrepreneur. Kai loves exploring the Internet, trying out micro startups of his own and receiving American media. He hails from Singapore, and is an agnostic. He loves to interact over devices and dislikes waiting for responses for too long.

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