Are Foreign Talents Truly Worthy of Our Jobs?

The infatuation of foreign talents has stirred unrest among the majority of Singaporeans and that has sparked countless of heated debates among citizens. Many employers who hold a high status in a local business or an organization have claimed Singaporeans as lazy, in-efficient thinkers and slow contributors. Employers are hiring foreign talents over Singaporeans as they claimed they are easier to communicate with and cheaper to hire. Some even claimed that they could solve problems more efficiently and better contribute to our society than us. There are even companies that go to the extend of interviewing only foreign talents.

Do the foreign talents truly deserve the job opportunities created or given by our government or local companies? Should the hardworking Singaporeans be worried about upgrading ourselves only to be told our jobs were taken away by “cheaper” and “hardworking” foreign talents?

Singaporeans are as hardworking as any foreign talents and we deserve to be paid more since we understand how to serve our fellow Singaporeans better than anyone else, much less the foreign talents who have grown in a country that has a different culture and different opinion of being amicable. Though some foreigners may converse better, only few could speak proper English and truly satisfy majority of the clients, which are the locals, as their idea of satisfying people are usually very different from us. Some of their bad habits have been portrayed in public areas such as speaking loudly in a quiet places and not apologising when bumping into you. This causes many misunderstanding and annoyance among us while they adapt to our society. Some of them even influenced surly expressions among us with their unpleasant characters. That is why Singaporeans should be prioritised above any other foreigners for most situation.

We should only be replaced if there are strong reasons to why foreigners are a better choice than us. We are citizens who have to rely on the government to know what to educate ourselves with, as most of us know little about or could hardly predict the future. Those who knows, kept it a secret for apparent reasons, mainly due to the competition among ourselves. If we graduated only to be told the industrial skills we so diligently studied for was replaced by the foreigners, would that not be the fault of the education given to us? Of course syllabus may change, but never that much. This is equivalent to getting sucker punched by our government we used to trust very very much.

However, most Singaporeans who are hardworking or ambitious, need not worry as much as few other uninterested or less diligent Singaporeans. Foreigners will never feel the need to contribute back to our society, they are foreigners and the country they came from is where they want to benefit truly, because that is where their family, friends and assets are at. Ideas that benefits Singapore tends to come from innovative Singaporeans because only we will bother to make our own lives better. We should stand out and not be afraid to fail. Failure is bad, but without it, we cannot learn to avoid it in future and that may akin to lesser chances of success. Only Singaporeans understand the whims, wants and needs of Singaporeans than anyone else for the reason that Singapore is where we were born in and where we were grew.

We grew up in a country that has provided us with one of the world’s best education. We were taught in school to be a morally upright person. Most of us feel the urge to contribute back to society because we feel compassionate. Certain employers would go the extra mile to hire foreigners since they are cheaper but only a true Singaporean who wants to contribute back, would hire who they think are more deserving of the job. And to move on as a nation, we need to create more opportunity for Singaporeans to strive in. We should not rely solely on the government, as they are only our think tank and nothing more. The moment we see fit a way to benefit our economy or our society, it is us who have to make it a reality.


Author: Kai Chong

A student, and an Entrepreneur. Kai loves exploring the Internet, trying out micro startups of his own and receiving American media. He hails from Singapore, and is an agnostic. He loves to interact over devices and dislikes waiting for responses for too long.

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