Just Me Fantasizing My Life With This Technology

Despite how well we are connected with our daily devices, the computers that we surf daily and the smartphones that we read when commuting, they seem to lack a tangible connection.

The operating system on the iPad is so interactive, that even our younger ones who hardly has any form of knowledge on how an electronic device should be used, is navigating the device easily. As technology becomes friendlier and easier for those of little computer experience, we ought to design a User Interface between the two different forms of devices to allow us a way to transfer data simply. An example: if we require the website we are browsing on the computer to be on our smartphone, we simply do an intuitive swipe off the computer screen towards the phone that is beside it.

This allows us to continue our research or reading without the trouble of finding ways to transfer the information over, which we normally would do by self-posting on a social site or sending oneself an email. This data transfer technology that uses swipe should be integrated to the operating system for simple impression and optimal performance. Judging from the upcoming Windows 8 operating system, the market may be looking into idiot-proof computing, and I find that really exciting because my mom will finally be able to use it!, that enables a user with no prior knowledge, experience and whatsoever, to use the information technology as if it was a part of them.

A vicarious attempt:

You were woken on a lazy Sunday morning by the notification alert from the laptop which you left turned-on the whole night because your were very tired the night before. Looking at the post on Twitter, you realises an appointment you’ve made with her. You then realised that you were running late so you scurried to do your morning routine and get dressed. Back to the laptop, you laid flat down on the bed and read the post as you normally would as this was a habit. Written on her wall, she inquired a question she needed help in discerning. So you clicked on the link and read the introduction so you know, at least, what it is all about, for latter you could explain. You looked to the clock above the painting hung above your bed and realised, you should be at the bus stop by now.

You were stuck, your mind was full of thoughts that you were having a hard time remembering how you last transferred the link to your phone.. You did not wish to log into Twitter on your phone all over again because you were too lazy to type on the on-screen keyboard. It’s just too small. You were cumbersome and you were not fully awake. You felt dumb and plain, but worry not because you can now swipe the whole browser you have read on the laptop to your phone with just a swipe. Finally, you were both at the cafe together. Through conversations of your past week’s experience, you realised you bookmarked some of the photo-blog sites you would like to share with her and the photos are best viewed on a large screen. Again, you worry not because all you had to do was to place the phone beside the laptop’s screen and swipe the bookmarked page over to the laptop’s screen. That in turn, triggered the browser on the laptop to search for that website.

How wonderful you thought. How simple my life would be by the power of technology and human innovation. You woke up, realising that it was all a dream but you knew this was the future you had to be a part in.

Perhaps we can integrate physical art as well but…

iPhone Swipe, http://themetapicture.com/

I guess that’s the fun of being a prospective software engineer. You tend realise how bizarre a person’s behaviour can be…


Author: Kai Chong

A student, and an Entrepreneur. Kai loves exploring the Internet, trying out micro startups of his own and receiving American media. He hails from Singapore, and is an agnostic. He loves to interact over devices and dislikes waiting for responses for too long.

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