Game of Thrones – George R.R Martin

Game of Thrones,
There’s a book I bought because I thought it was really really good judging from its epilogue. Turns out, it’s better. And there seem to be already a different form of media for it. During my inevitable wanderings, I found that the Game of Thrones has a TV series. Hmmmm…ph.. And it was on the top chart of the US home television selection TOP 40. Big deal? Guess so. Good job, George R.R Martin. However, I believe I may be wrong because how often do books become a movie, much less a TV series? I know The Hunger Games was one of them, but unlike this, that book took a long time, 6 years I believe before it caught the eyes of renowned cinematographers. And was sold one more time, but for the sole purpose of merely -For The Money-. I was told by reviewers who decided to read the whole book only to conclude that this book, The Hunger Games isn’t worth reading.

Alright, let me research and see the connection there. Right, a poster and a few other bloggers’ post alleging to me their relationship. So it seems.

Game of Thrones Poster,
It’s been a week since I last posted an affair of mine. This post happened only because it was belated and also since I couldn’t get my mind on something to wind down, I decided to share on what I have been doing for the past months. I was reading.


Author: Kai Chong

A student, and an Entrepreneur. Kai loves exploring the Internet, trying out micro startups of his own and receiving American media. He hails from Singapore, and is an agnostic. He loves to interact over devices and dislikes waiting for responses for too long.

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