Iron Sky

Iron Sky,

When was the last time you watch a humour related to a viral Youtube video getting screened in theatres? Rarely!

Iron Sky came out this year as a cinema film about the surviving Nazis who were habituating the dark side of the moon after the defeat somewhere during the 1950s(or so I thought). In the year of 2018, the Nazis finally decided they have had the resources and men enough to enable them to launch a surprise attack on planet earth, vaporising us by catapulting meteoroids from space, because life on the Moon just isn’t awesome enough. I thought the Nazis people were supposed to be a lot taller than the Earthlings, since Moon gravity is less? Hmmph. Conspiracy theorist conspires that UFOs intending on invading the Planet Earth became true. Attempts to make the invasion a reality brewed against every single one of us, the last instrument they needed and why they sent the protagonists to Earth in the first place was to recover a few more smart phones.

Nazis On The Moon,

Sarah Palin, the portrayed election candidate for presidency decided to work with the Nazis for what they were good at, to script influential arguments and public relation skills WHILE those Nazis were scrambling to find more computational devices as powerful as our smart phones to power their ultimate radical UFO that is the size of their living solitude. In the end, they got a single iPad over the many smart phones to power the ship with the help of their wizened Scientist with fine white hair and a wrinkly face. I believe the writer or the conceptual artists had thoughts for the whole Nazi population to board the ship together, but only an army were shown to have boarded. For once, a UFO attack on Earth no longer required fellow Earthlings to fleet at the advanced technological advancement of their alien airships and despair at the obvious disadvantage. That difference was one that made me smile a little more. F-16s from the US took off and blasted as many of the thousand Nazi UFOs that were negotiating the skyscrapers and terrorising the states, blasting laser like blasts on the humans beneath.

During the United Nations meet to discuss the Nazi threat in orbit, the President is thrilled to finally have a war which will likely get her re-elected, and appoints Vivian Wagner as commander of the spacecraft USS George W. Bush, which orbits the Earth carrying nuclear weapons. As it turns out, most other nations have also developed armed spacecraft, all against international agreements, and join in to defeat the invading Nazi armada.

The ending sequence shows some parts of Earth visible from space to be blown simultaneously from state to state, it was confusing and totally unexpected so I wasn’t entirely sure of the ending. This film wasn’t suspenseful nor entirely as comical as Madagascar 3 but if you know the Nazis unlike me, you’ll understand the jokes well enough to thrill you. IMDb film reviewers rated this film as 6.5 out of a 10.


Author: Kai Chong

A student, and an Entrepreneur. Kai loves exploring the Internet, trying out micro startups of his own and receiving American media. He hails from Singapore, and is an agnostic. He loves to interact over devices and dislikes waiting for responses for too long.

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