The Verge | My Favourite Technology News and Media Network.

The Verge is in my opinion the most underrated technology blog in the world. It features all sorts of news that deserves to be reported, it is chosen to be posted on the website based on how it affects its prospective readers and how much. That is one element that most journalistic websites are missing.

Aside from its discerning content, it provides to a wide range of platforms ranging from the iPhone, to Android, as well as a mobile website if a native application does not exist.

The network’s team publishes news items, long form feature stories, product reviews, podcasts, and an entertainment show. What more can you ask?


Author: Kai Chong

A student, and an Entrepreneur. Kai loves exploring the Internet, trying out micro startups of his own and receiving American media. He hails from Singapore, and is an agnostic. He loves to interact over devices and dislikes waiting for responses for too long.

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