We Need to Pardon Edward Snowden

This will not be a long post, nor will it be about just another rant on the innocence or heroic act of patriotic Edward Snowden.

When Edward Snowden left America for Hong Kong to seek asylum from a country, the Americans were even more confused whether Edward was behaving like a terrorist and putting the country in national jeopardy or was the true countryman he claimed to be. Obama dismissed the public outcry as Edward not having the best mind for the country because he was running to other potentially competitive countries with their national documents, implying that he is a person who does not stand for his words.

One day, I was having dinner with a group of friends. It was only 3 days after the news broke out. I asked him, what do you see Edward Snowden as? A hero, a terrorist or a wannabe hero who had made a huge mistake. He said he’s a hero because Edward is revealing a broken promise that the government did not uphold. Edward Snowden is going against the government and actually siding with the people. I kinda sided with him on this said reason.

Just yesterday, it was revealed that Snowden hid the national documents in Hong Kong with trusted journalist while he’s in Russia under asylum. He said “There are 0% chance the document will get to the hands of the Russian spies and 0% chance to the Republic of China.” I don’t know how handing the document to trusted journalist make that a 0% but all the legal charges the American government has against Snowden should probably be dropped. I think Edward, his alleged intentions when fleeing home town, is perhaps the right thing to do. The Americans need to know that their government are not practising the promise they had made to the people.

I hope Edward Snowden gets accepted back to his home without any repercussions or legal charges. The government should learn to either comply with the amendments or not accidentally cause the involvement of a third person in their national scam.


Author: Kai Chong

Project Manager ツ

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