The Verge | My Favourite Technology News and Media Network.

The Verge is in my opinion the most underrated technology blog in the world. It features all sorts of news that deserves to be reported, it is chosen to be posted on the website based on how it affects its prospective readers and how much. That is one element that most journalistic websites are missing.

Aside from its discerning content, it provides to a wide range of platforms ranging from the iPhone, to Android, as well as a mobile website if a native application does not exist.

The network’s team publishes news items, long form feature stories, product reviews, podcasts, and an entertainment show. What more can you ask?


Sometime, All It Takes Is A Case | Elago S5 Outfit

I never thought I will buy a case to protect my iPhone from scuffs and scratches. I expected Apple, being Apple, to at least use high grade metal to build the iPhone. I thought Apple claimed, something about coating the glass with some revolutionary chemical that will protect the glass from cracking.

During my outdoor camp I dropped my iPhone on the stone tiles. It wasn’t dropped from waist high height. Rather it was dropped from a height not more than 5 inches away from the ground. I was careless. I left my iPhone clinging precariously for its novelty in my shallow and almost useless pocket. It was the last day of the 3 days camp and I’m almost going to make it out with my phone on its tip top condition as it should be.

How unfortunate. This utterly expensive but incredible phone has finally met its fate that many other iPhones without a case has always been bounded to. The bottom glass at its back has a small crack. The chamfers, both the top left and the bottom right, has scuffs. Its novelty was gone.

Should I be pissed that this phone is feeble, or should I blame myself for not following the ubiquitous trend of matching a case with the iPhone during the purchase? Well. I don’t know. I guess I’ll do what adults do: to circumvent. I decided to buy a phone case, one that can lock this horrifying experience at the back of it and seal it away.

I got myself an Elago S5 Outfit and I have to say, I’m really impressed by the looks of it. I’m also impressed by the inordinate pricing as well. It’s ridiculously expensive, and I don’t know why it has to be. But I just had to get it, I was too enticed.

It looks so good. Doesn’t it? SOOO… Good.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Is Soon Here

Christmas is coming! It’s the time of the year where everyone packs their work stuff and set them aside. This is also the time of the year where most people reflect on their lives and amend mistakes or realise blessings. It’s such a beautiful celebration.

This year for Christmas, my little sister seems genuinely interested in My Little Pony. She wanted me to buy her another of My Little Pony figurines with her own money! Coming from a 9 years old child, that’s pretty much the money of the world to her. I’ve realised she have been cuddling up with her iPod, searching on YouTube for My Little Pony videos.

Few months ago, my room was infested with bed bugs. These little annoying rats scared the heck out of my parents that I was forced to spend a few week of nights at the living room while they find ways to exterminate them. My uncle told them to just hire a pest controller, but my parents did not heed. Right now, weeks before Christmas, I’m given back the luxury of my room (Yeah!) but I have to sleep on my father’s make-shift portable folding bed. The living room, unlike the living room it was before, is missing a couch, which was infested by bed bugs as well, after I started sleeping out there.

So without any proper sofas, how are we going to host this year’s Christmas celebration. That’s the dilemma my mom and us all, though mainly my mom, has to get through. Given the state now, where we’re all busy doing our own things, clearing any remaining errands we have, we’ll soon be sent into a tizzy to decorate our home. That, actually, is one I can’t wait for. Dad, play some Christmas music!

In Singapore, Christmas is celebrated without snow. That void doesn’t feel weird here at all.

The Future is Ours!

It won’t be long before I get to join society as an imperative individual. Contributing my share of hardship, working through long nights and hastily rushing through a presentation to meet its deadline for the next day’s presentation.

Damn! That’d be hell!

Worry not, Myself, because in the future, there’ll be computer screens everywhere, not farther than any individual than 30 meters, which will be as powerful as the high-end consumer desktop computers of today and will have interfaces so interactive that we’ll probably be inputting instructions into it with our minds. Such technology advances could lead to a breakthrough! I mean one that could change the radical ways of our lives, and I don’t normally use the word, breakthrough, so take my words literally, definitely unlike what Apple has redundantly and so often abuse in their advertising videos to capture their prospective customers attention for their latest release: iPhone, iPad mini, iPad 3, iMac. Heck I don’t even think I bother about such new products anymore… Speaking of the future,..

This brings me on to another string of thoughts, The Expansion of Humanity into the Cosmos.

An astronaut gingerly stepped out of Apollo 11, and slowly places his feet on the moon, before another modern explorer came out. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” proclaimed Armstrong. That’s his most popular words and probably one ever spoken in the modern era. Whatever Steve Job or Bill Gates have said, pales in comparison. Looking up, Armstrong said, “Beautiful, beautiful, magnificent desolation.” Armstrong and his friend were the only two souls on the moon.

*Back to Earth, and a few years later…

Jim Lovell, not untypically, remembered, “Everything that I ever knew—my life, my loved ones, the Navy—everything, the whole world, was behind my thumb.” This sentence hit me hard on the head like a brick. Indeed, we are living in the isolation of this round planet called Earth. We humans are the cause of global warming, and resources is becoming harder and harder to find. Researchers, Scientist or students with sterling results. Screw all that! SO LONG as the world decides Smartphone, to be the best innovation, it will not be long before we start hampering on cynical thoughts of eliminating each other (compare the thoughts of stress-free country men to the busy, fast walking urban dwellers, but at an extreme level.).

What are we waiting for! Worry not, Myself. Because by 2020, in the near future, under our clutching hands, SpaceX the space travel company will be up and fully operational in Singapore. THAT’S JUST WHAT WE NEED. See, this is going to bring on the awareness to the Earthlings that indeed, it would lead to a better tomorrow if we can all come together and contribute in ways like, slowing down our economy proportionally (or whatever), and have our governments place our taxes on planet migration instead. We are looking at Mars, because living on the Moon wouldn’t make that much sense considering it’s much smaller than Earth. Mars is what we need. Mars is where I want to live on.

For further reading on what I’m on about, visit:

1600 km in Malaysia

Hello fellow readers!

For the past 5 days I have sought refuge from the scorching  mid-year sun of Singapore. The respite was Malaysia’s very popular and well known, Cameron Highlands. The commanding heights of the mountains had a mystical aura that made it visually imposing. The haughty characters could be felt in our bones as we made our way through the sinuous road that meandered up to our accommodation. We travelled a total of 1600 km and even paid to harvest strawberries! For an urban dweller, this was an experience not easily forgotten

Through the course of our visit, we got awed by the attractions, rejected the entry into a luxurious hotel and had a genuine heart-felt welcome from the goats that lingered about the entrance of the strawberry farm. We mistook pine trees as Christmas trees and was granted the opportunity to savour what the Cameron Highlands has been most popular for; its tea. The aroma invigorates and its smell hypnotic.

Ol’ Singapore

Ol’ Singapore, you fine city,

of streets, that are always so busy.

Swarmed with Imports, Porsches and a hefty sum more,

just not to expect to best them all.


can the LTA, GOV, RIP?

Ol’ Singapore, you clean freak,

of roads and pavements so smooth they sheen,

and sedans that are kept a little too clean.

Ol’ Singapore.