Fourteen Minus Two Minus Twelve

If you’re reading this in the comfort of your own home, good on you for not going out to celebrate the overly commercial Valentine’s Day. As some memes done by teenagers have shown, Valentine’s Day felt more like …Self-awareness day. The day busy matured teenagers from various schools around Singapore realize they are alone.

I unfortunately, may have celebrated self-awareness day. Serving #foreveralone as the celebration mascot…

We all know Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be annual. It takes place whenever. For you to live by this claim, you may then ask why… What exactly is love?

I searched on Socrates but never was a site that held his statement on love. However, I went on to other random philosophers and brought out the highlighted main sentences of those many sites. No jargon!

To start off, Love is an abstract noun, a word that is attached to something that is not real or sensible. Some have sought to analysis it but many prefer to leave it in the realm of the ineffable. Yet we find such realm discussed in songs, films and novels; humorously or seriously. Since ancient Greece, it is debated by the majority that love is materialistic, a physical phenomenon that dictates us with such animalistic or genetic behaviour. But Plato had it more accurate. He saw that Love was only subjective so he did a market research. As it turns out, the new philosophy came from two most popular claims back then, he published: Love provides us with an enormously influential and attractive notion that is characterized by a series of elevations in which such behaviours or basic lust is superseded by a more intellectual conception,love, which is also surpassed by what may be construed by a theological vision of love that transcends sensual attraction and mutuality.

Click here if you need a dictionary

However if you are too lazy to read, here’s a summary from his disciple, Aristotle: ‘two bodies and one soul.’ It is better to give than to receive so if you have finally come round to realising love is actually just part of everyone’s life, GET YOUR ASS OUT THERE and find yourself a lonely belated date! You know you can, if you think you will. (Not that that means anything).


Bryce the T-Rex

Have you wondered how we will greet each other if we were to take on the form of a T-Rex? T-Rex are perhaps the only creature with two opposites together. The freakishness of a gorilla and the humorous proportion of it’s body. A T-Rex, or Tyrannosaurus Rex has skin of a crocodile and height of an average double decker bus, but their jaws and mouths are massive and they stand on two legs and has two small arms. See, all thanks to its arms…

Nature do humour.

Fantasying on some sick stuff I probably shouldn’t blog about, I am reminded of Easy A the digital film. So I’ll say, luckily for us, we are proportionate in every physical way(maybe). What we need to achieve then, is to be a more proportionately rounded person, metaphorically. Humour do teach life lessons! O, how I wish my teacher realises that and decides to…

Here’s a quick image to entertain you further…

Indeed… Evolution has

Self-Post Of The Day

A whole new day equals a whole new experience(usually), and something new to write about. Trying to make the experience sound fascinating with evocative words and imagination while keeping it easy to understand while maintaining a suspense(if any) is not an easy task and not impossible. So I will seek and learn till the day come, then I’ll rest.

Creative reading is like creative writing -Got it from WordPress. I disagree with that partially because firstly, creating a whole new article is much more difficult than reading one. Unless you got a mind that gets spurred by words to forming new passages, therefore this quote do not hold true to most. I wish I am though, with it brings chains of ideas and personal debates within one’s mind ~my blog certainly would be blooming like Walls-street of New York. My love for wisdom will always be there, I’d say permanently, weather I’m doing it well or have already miserably failed, I’ll keep going. Well course, it’s better than not, right?

Oh how I wish I can travel to Czech Republic:

I find it unfair that my friends got the rare opportunity to be there for two long weeks. TWO WEEKS. What’s better than visiting Europe for two weeks! Other than the citizens or residents there of course. My friends were 14! I am 16 and still unaccomplished. Taiwan was amazing, sure, but it’s not Europe. Europe’s totally different. It’s inspiring. Australia was amazing but it was paid by my parents and their presence doesn’t give me that sense of freedom I sought.

To be clear, school trips are paid by our own edusave account. It’s a bank account brought up for all Singaporeans by the government and it works like an “insurance” to pay for all the school fees till we hit a certain age. This is one initiative our government did that made equality greatly felt here in Singapore among us all, rich or poor.


Have you ever wondered why whenever we contemplate something, we don’t get it but when we got it, we take it for granted?

Taking things for granted is not entirely a bad practice but wouldn’t it be better if we know what stuff  we are or not allowed to take granted of? The difference is obviously opposing. If not this, then the opposite. But most of us are living our live based on our ability so why can’t our mind, based on itself, warn us first? Just like pain but maybe something a little less painful, not pleasurable either, and inform us accordingly. This is going to save us from loads of misunderstanding and perhaps a life with less regrets. O how I wish I was given that ability.

I was reminded the time when my teacher had to eviscerate the chicken to serve as our dinner right in front of us. No, we weren’t lost in the wilderness, it was just part of what the camp was all about…

Image of the day!

I caught this image on a friend’s Facebook wall. I could relate my life to this.
It’s true, I could remember myself creating a whole new domain in your mind. It was a little like the world in Starcraft probably because my childhood ambition was to be an astronaut. I dreamt of it during a deep sleep one day wrapped in my thick cotton blanket that has a unique odour in my cosy bedroom. And that heavenly air-conditioning was on full blast.