My Affair with Computers

When I was younger I used to spend a lot of hours playing video games. It was the best thing in the world then. It’s the one thing I look forward to most in the morning, and when I was in school bored listening to my teacher. It could be my addiction that has cost me my examination marks. You see, playing computer games was one thing that I thought I want to spend my whole life doing. The idea of being able to play an entirely different life, a hero, appeals to me so much more than my ordinary life. I even thought I will align my life achievements to creating an immersive and multiplayer educational game. Like “The Elder Scrolls Morrowind” but with real plants, real people speaking English, and morals to teach us about society. Of course that never happened. There was no way I could have built such a sophisticated software. Even by today’s standards with all the highly simplified Integrated Development Environments. “Aren’t computers meant to make our lives easier? Didn’t the guy on the Microsoft TV commercial say that?” I would think and it’s partly true.

Then came my teenage years, and the popularity of the Internet started growing. People started being frequently online. Google started becoming relevant and useful. I started searching the Internet for Range Rovers, Defenders, videos on cars off roading and Music Videos. I’d marvel at the ability of the artists to provide free songs on YouTube. Most didn’t have videos like we do today, it used to show only a picture of the album with the music. I grew up with the Internet, learning the culture of the world through it. (Well, maybe the culture defined by the Internet, like the Nerdfighters, Brotherhood 2.0). I started to realise the power one wields in being the Internet service provider. The Internet was unstoppable and everyone benefits in life and work from it. Those who are afraid of technology, has to live through it. I have an innate feeling that our generation will usher in a new age. Different in comparison to previous generations because we have the aid of the Internet.


The Google Nexus

Without doubt the new Nexus by Google and Samsung has blown quite a few smartphone freaks aroused, with its practicality and software superiority. The 4.65″ inch HD display with Super AMOLED technology first developed by Samsung recently was the catch. Next, it was the contour display which made the display a lot better, somehow. Since I know to little about Android mobile devices, I shall stat my impression instead.

The OS impresses me with its clean black theme that I think every geeks would love. Weirdly, that has caused me to take long glances at those who are fiddling with the Nexus in subways. It’s that impressive! The software keyboard was splendid. Though I’m used to the Windows Phone 7 un-sensitive and sometimes overly sensitive keyboard that I struggle to type despite the huge screen. Virtually, the software keys felt small. Mistyping was normal. On average, once every 4 text messages I composed. That didn’t happen with the Nexus.

Ergonomically, it’s great but there’s a trade off and that is its looks and I prefer looks. You can unlock the phone by smiling at it, creepy, but since scientist have proven smiling to be effective in keeping you at a happy constant, this device will not only simplify your life but also extort happiness from you within. Hmmmm… A point to consider.


I am chosen for the competition called ideas4app which was organised as part of the program. is a Government portal that contains over 6,000 datasets from more than 50 government agencies. I am to think of a mobile application idea that uses the government’s data from to better serve Singaporeans.

It will be based on these criteria:

  • Use of government data
  • Innovativeness
  • Feasibility of idea
  • Relevance of idea

I have a few ideas that fit those criteria well and will be working on them this weekend. To all non-existent readers, if there’s any idea you would like to bring up, please feel free to write them in the comments section below. If the idea is successful, it will become a reality, real app professionals will be the developers.