Christmas Is Soon Here

Christmas is coming! It’s the time of the year where everyone packs their work stuff and set them aside. This is also the time of the year where most people reflect on their lives and amend mistakes or realise blessings. It’s such a beautiful celebration.

This year for Christmas, my little sister seems genuinely interested in My Little Pony. She wanted me to buy her another of My Little Pony figurines with her own money! Coming from a 9 years old child, that’s pretty much the money of the world to her. I’ve realised she have been cuddling up with her iPod, searching on YouTube for My Little Pony videos.

Few months ago, my room was infested with bed bugs. These little annoying rats scared the heck out of my parents that I was forced to spend a few week of nights at the living room while they find ways to exterminate them. My uncle told them to just hire a pest controller, but my parents did not heed. Right now, weeks before Christmas, I’m given back the luxury of my room (Yeah!) but I have to sleep on my father’s make-shift portable folding bed. The living room, unlike the living room it was before, is missing a couch, which was infested by bed bugs as well, after I started sleeping out there.

So without any proper sofas, how are we going to host this year’s Christmas celebration. That’s the dilemma my mom and us all, though mainly my mom, has to get through. Given the state now, where we’re all busy doing our own things, clearing any remaining errands we have, we’ll soon be sent into a tizzy to decorate our home. That, actually, is one I can’t wait for. Dad, play some Christmas music!

In Singapore, Christmas is celebrated without snow. That void doesn’t feel weird here at all.