My Affair with Computers

When I was younger I used to spend a lot of hours playing video games. It was the best thing in the world then. It’s the one thing I look forward to most in the morning, and when I was in school bored listening to my teacher. It could be my addiction that has cost me my examination marks. You see, playing computer games was one thing that I thought I want to spend my whole life doing. The idea of being able to play an entirely different life, a hero, appeals to me so much more than my ordinary life. I even thought I will align my life achievements to creating an immersive and multiplayer educational game. Like “The Elder Scrolls Morrowind” but with real plants, real people speaking English, and morals to teach us about society. Of course that never happened. There was no way I could have built such a sophisticated software. Even by today’s standards with all the highly simplified Integrated Development Environments. “Aren’t computers meant to make our lives easier? Didn’t the guy on the Microsoft TV commercial say that?” I would think and it’s partly true.

Then came my teenage years, and the popularity of the Internet started growing. People started being frequently online. Google started becoming relevant and useful. I started searching the Internet for Range Rovers, Defenders, videos on cars off roading and Music Videos. I’d marvel at the ability of the artists to provide free songs on YouTube. Most didn’t have videos like we do today, it used to show only a picture of the album with the music. I grew up with the Internet, learning the culture of the world through it. (Well, maybe the culture defined by the Internet, like the Nerdfighters, Brotherhood 2.0). I started to realise the power one wields in being the Internet service provider. The Internet was unstoppable and everyone benefits in life and work from it. Those who are afraid of technology, has to live through it. I have an innate feeling that our generation will usher in a new age. Different in comparison to previous generations because we have the aid of the Internet.


Self-Post Of The Day

A whole new day equals a whole new experience(usually), and something new to write about. Trying to make the experience sound fascinating with evocative words and imagination while keeping it easy to understand while maintaining a suspense(if any) is not an easy task and not impossible. So I will seek and learn till the day come, then I’ll rest.

Creative reading is like creative writing -Got it from WordPress. I disagree with that partially because firstly, creating a whole new article is much more difficult than reading one. Unless you got a mind that gets spurred by words to forming new passages, therefore this quote do not hold true to most. I wish I am though, with it brings chains of ideas and personal debates within one’s mind ~my blog certainly would be blooming like Walls-street of New York. My love for wisdom will always be there, I’d say permanently, weather I’m doing it well or have already miserably failed, I’ll keep going. Well course, it’s better than not, right?

Oh how I wish I can travel to Czech Republic:

I find it unfair that my friends got the rare opportunity to be there for two long weeks. TWO WEEKS. What’s better than visiting Europe for two weeks! Other than the citizens or residents there of course. My friends were 14! I am 16 and still unaccomplished. Taiwan was amazing, sure, but it’s not Europe. Europe’s totally different. It’s inspiring. Australia was amazing but it was paid by my parents and their presence doesn’t give me that sense of freedom I sought.

To be clear, school trips are paid by our own edusave account. It’s a bank account brought up for all Singaporeans by the government and it works like an “insurance” to pay for all the school fees till we hit a certain age. This is one initiative our government did that made equality greatly felt here in Singapore among us all, rich or poor.