My Affair with Computers

When I was younger I used to spend a lot of hours playing video games. It was the best thing in the world then. It’s the one thing I look forward to most in the morning, and when I was in school bored listening to my teacher. It could be my addiction that has cost me my examination marks. You see, playing computer games was one thing that I thought I want to spend my whole life doing. The idea of being able to play an entirely different life, a hero, appeals to me so much more than my ordinary life. I even thought I will align my life achievements to creating an immersive and multiplayer educational game. Like “The Elder Scrolls Morrowind” but with real plants, real people speaking English, and morals to teach us about society. Of course that never happened. There was no way I could have built such a sophisticated software. Even by today’s standards with all the highly simplified Integrated Development Environments. “Aren’t computers meant to make our lives easier? Didn’t the guy on the Microsoft TV commercial say that?” I would think and it’s partly true.

Then came my teenage years, and the popularity of the Internet started growing. People started being frequently online. Google started becoming relevant and useful. I started searching the Internet for Range Rovers, Defenders, videos on cars off roading and Music Videos. I’d marvel at the ability of the artists to provide free songs on YouTube. Most didn’t have videos like we do today, it used to show only a picture of the album with the music. I grew up with the Internet, learning the culture of the world through it. (Well, maybe the culture defined by the Internet, like the Nerdfighters, Brotherhood 2.0). I started to realise the power one wields in being the Internet service provider. The Internet was unstoppable and everyone benefits in life and work from it. Those who are afraid of technology, has to live through it. I have an innate feeling that our generation will usher in a new age. Different in comparison to previous generations because we have the aid of the Internet.


Grace Hopper on Letterman

The pioneer of computers & computing, an admiral of the US Navy. Her credentials are too long to list…

This lady was know as the Queen of software then. Grace Hopper (1906 – 1992) once walked around with a quote: “Nobody believed that I had a running compiler and nobody would touch it. They told me computers could only do arithmetic.” As always with all great people, no one listened.

Visit this link to watch the video:

The Future is Ours!

It won’t be long before I get to join society as an imperative individual. Contributing my share of hardship, working through long nights and hastily rushing through a presentation to meet its deadline for the next day’s presentation.

Damn! That’d be hell!

Worry not, Myself, because in the future, there’ll be computer screens everywhere, not farther than any individual than 30 meters, which will be as powerful as the high-end consumer desktop computers of today and will have interfaces so interactive that we’ll probably be inputting instructions into it with our minds. Such technology advances could lead to a breakthrough! I mean one that could change the radical ways of our lives, and I don’t normally use the word, breakthrough, so take my words literally, definitely unlike what Apple has redundantly and so often abuse in their advertising videos to capture their prospective customers attention for their latest release: iPhone, iPad mini, iPad 3, iMac. Heck I don’t even think I bother about such new products anymore… Speaking of the future,..

This brings me on to another string of thoughts, The Expansion of Humanity into the Cosmos.

An astronaut gingerly stepped out of Apollo 11, and slowly places his feet on the moon, before another modern explorer came out. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” proclaimed Armstrong. That’s his most popular words and probably one ever spoken in the modern era. Whatever Steve Job or Bill Gates have said, pales in comparison. Looking up, Armstrong said, “Beautiful, beautiful, magnificent desolation.” Armstrong and his friend were the only two souls on the moon.

*Back to Earth, and a few years later…

Jim Lovell, not untypically, remembered, “Everything that I ever knew—my life, my loved ones, the Navy—everything, the whole world, was behind my thumb.” This sentence hit me hard on the head like a brick. Indeed, we are living in the isolation of this round planet called Earth. We humans are the cause of global warming, and resources is becoming harder and harder to find. Researchers, Scientist or students with sterling results. Screw all that! SO LONG as the world decides Smartphone, to be the best innovation, it will not be long before we start hampering on cynical thoughts of eliminating each other (compare the thoughts of stress-free country men to the busy, fast walking urban dwellers, but at an extreme level.).

What are we waiting for! Worry not, Myself. Because by 2020, in the near future, under our clutching hands, SpaceX the space travel company will be up and fully operational in Singapore. THAT’S JUST WHAT WE NEED. See, this is going to bring on the awareness to the Earthlings that indeed, it would lead to a better tomorrow if we can all come together and contribute in ways like, slowing down our economy proportionally (or whatever), and have our governments place our taxes on planet migration instead. We are looking at Mars, because living on the Moon wouldn’t make that much sense considering it’s much smaller than Earth. Mars is what we need. Mars is where I want to live on.

For further reading on what I’m on about, visit:

Iron Sky

When was the last time you watch a humour related to a viral Youtube video getting screened in theatres? Rarely!

Iron Sky came out this year as a cinema film about the surviving Nazis who were habituating the dark side of the moon after the defeat somewhere during the 1950s(or so I thought). In the year of 2018, the Nazis finally decided they have had the resources and men enough to enable them to launch a surprise attack on planet earth, vaporising us by catapulting meteoroids from space, because life on the Moon just isn’t awesome enough. I thought the Nazis people were supposed to be a lot taller than the Earthlings, since Moon gravity is less? Hmmph. Conspiracy theorist conspires that UFOs intending on invading the Planet Earth became true. Attempts to make the invasion a reality brewed against every single one of us, the last instrument they needed and why they sent the protagonists to Earth in the first place was to recover a few more smart phones.

Sarah Palin, the portrayed election candidate for presidency decided to work with the Nazis for what they were good at, to script influential arguments and public relation skills WHILE those Nazis were scrambling to find more computational devices as powerful as our smart phones to power their ultimate radical UFO that is the size of their living solitude. In the end, they got a single iPad over the many smart phones to power the ship with the help of their wizened Scientist with fine white hair and a wrinkly face. I believe the writer or the conceptual artists had thoughts for the whole Nazi population to board the ship together, but only an army were shown to have boarded. For once, a UFO attack on Earth no longer required fellow Earthlings to fleet at the advanced technological advancement of their alien airships and despair at the obvious disadvantage. That difference was one that made me smile a little more. F-16s from the US took off and blasted as many of the thousand Nazi UFOs that were negotiating the skyscrapers and terrorising the states, blasting laser like blasts on the humans beneath.

During the United Nations meet to discuss the Nazi threat in orbit, the President is thrilled to finally have a war which will likely get her re-elected, and appoints Vivian Wagner as commander of the spacecraft USS George W. Bush, which orbits the Earth carrying nuclear weapons. As it turns out, most other nations have also developed armed spacecraft, all against international agreements, and join in to defeat the invading Nazi armada.

The ending sequence shows some parts of Earth visible from space to be blown simultaneously from state to state, it was confusing and totally unexpected so I wasn’t entirely sure of the ending. This film wasn’t suspenseful nor entirely as comical as Madagascar 3 but if you know the Nazis unlike me, you’ll understand the jokes well enough to thrill you. IMDb film reviewers rated this film as 6.5 out of a 10.

Rubble of Rabbles

Being stuck on an idea is never fun, and certainly never was. It’s that dreary moment when you need to deconstruct the topic further that makes the writing excruciatingly painful sometimes. It’s cunning to see why trolling English topics can sometimes become minimal in its contextual side that even the examiner smirks in pity on us. That’s like asking what “what” is and expecting a 200 worded essay. Surely the examiner will ask a proper question you’d say, but what rings to mind are of intriguing thoughts, debacles of which are interesting to many whom never would have once ever thought of, this is what that makes an essay good. Unfortunately we are forced to comply to a degraded piece of work when the peak of the words needed are supposedly high. Stupefied?

It is of course true that being able to simplify the simplest idea defines that person a genius. But if the topic is one worth defiling, then I would dabble the idea on with delight but since it is not; I’d probably shun.

Linux for human beings

Just days ago, I sat and wonder if computers are perhaps very much like humans. I have to say I’m guilty for wanting to work out how we can implement Artificial Intelligent to computers, to robots. Doesn’t human communication in workplace, considering the inevitable presence of different level of people import, from cogs for simple jobs to coordinators for vital issue that akin to more responsibilities, exactly like how any Operating System would rate their own workload?

Humans do work like computers. When we learn something new, it’s like a computer installing a new program. We learn art, while a computer learns desktop themes or such, that comes in different formats which was made by artists from the latter. In the computing world, there are such a thing as languages and yes they do work like how humans of different cultures have different languages of unique form of logic, or if you so prefer to see it as- of conversing an idea. Some common computer languages are C#, JavaScript, Python, C++ and a thousand more, though only few are learnt by computer geniuses these days depending on their specific fields. Some even learn without the thoughts of expecting cash return. Canonical offers free services to all users who have downloaded the operating system they supported, Ubuntu. But if you so require more assistance or support but from leading experts, you will have to then approach them for their service at a pretty… high price.

As I’m using it for home use and mainly Web browsing, Ubuntu works perfectly fine. It has Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that decodes websites the way Safari from Apple Mac computers or Internet Explorer from Windows computers do. The best part is, viruses weren’t ever apprehended as the market shares for Linux based operating system are too low for those who hoards money. I’m not sure, though, why people still aren’t willing to switch to a different OS since after all, they are pretty much the same and does pretty much the same job at a cheaper and assured manner. Sometimes Linux may be faster than Windows. Quoting from a source, Ubuntu boots in seconds compared to a Windows computer of the same non-volatile memory.

If you are convinced, do drop by their site and check out the great features it offer despite it being free: